Saturday, March 18, 2017


 My  undergardener and I went to an "industrial" antique store. I was looking for unusual stuff that I could repurpose in the garden. I found lots of items that I loved so it was hard to focus on just one or two due to budget constraints. I settled on this grain mill (it works) even though I wasn't thinking about another antique for the house just then. But it was too good to pass up and too good to put outside. 
Originally I thought I'd put a plant on it, but ended up for now using it as a candleholder on the hearth.  It is sitting on a rubberized pad because my trusty undergardener thought he should "oil" it thinking that I was going to put it outside. So he used some old stinky motor oil. When he learned of my intentions to use it INSIDE, he had to douche it out with simple green. Oye!
That's my mom's old oak sideboard in the background...the only piece of the furniture that I was able to get...but the best one in my view. The rest of the set (table and chairs) was handed over to a nephew without a bye or leave from me.
So I'll have to go back to "Coop de Ville" soon and get some actual garden stuff...metal sculpture, old iron hooks and galvanized watering cans, maybe an old bench...stay tuned!

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