Sunday, January 16, 2011


This house has only one official dining area (off the kitchen looking west out to the backyard) with another window on the left looking south. This photo has the staged table & chairs. The light fixture is oil rubbed bronze with frosted glass. The floor is the continuation of the big textured tile. An area rug will be a good idea to anchor the table and add warmth.

Friday, January 14, 2011


You're looking at the great room from the kitchen. Entry door is to the right...that white door with the oval glass. This house originally had 2 fireplaces...the other one was about where you are standing in this photo, along with a wall. All gone! So now we have a nice big open room. Furniture here is staged but we'll have a more interesting grouping. The fireplace has been totally redone in a nice ledge rock with a custom oak mantlepiece. The walls are a peachy beige and the carpet is taupe (light dirt colored) short shag...the hot new thing (only if you haven't had shag before)
The big window on the left faces west into the backyard. Luckily there are several mature trees, leafless now so I'm having to guess that they are probably Sunset maples.
The fireplace wall is the common wall with the attached garage. You go out the front door and hang a left through another door into the garage. At least you have a nice covered entry so you don't have to get wet.


Home sweet kitchen

Here I am playing in my new has a very nice layout with an island eating bar. All that stuff on the island is "staged" for purposes of selling the place. Anyway, you can see the tile floor and the black appliances. My VERY white refrigerator is gonna look soooo nice but I have to put up with a little mismatch. At least it will be a bit camouflaged by the wood surround to the left of the stove. The counters are a black, brown, orange, beige combination. The fixtures are oil rubbed bronze. The sink is stainless. The space between the cabinets and the ceiling is small...about 8" so I'll have to be creative about what I can put up there. The floor is a very attractive neutral texture REAL 12" tile. The kitchen window at the sink looks out to the south at tall columnar cypress trees in the neighbor's yard. Nice recessed lighting and the open floor plan keeps the kitchen bright. Bon Appetite!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


It was a beautiful sunny day in the Rogue Valley for our open house here at Grey Eagle. We left our real estate agent in charge and went off for Jack's birthday lunch at Olive Garden. When we returned, our agent Claudette said, "I think I just sold your place!" Turns out she did.
Ah, the wonders of email...we got an offer on our place on Sunday evening at 5pm.
We'll be meeting with our agent tomorrow to make a counter offer which we hope will fly. Then it's on to inspections and panic time on trying to move all our stuff. It will be a mid Feb close but hopefully we'll get an early occupancy on the place we're buying so we can get stuff moved over. Oye! My head hurts just thinking about this.

Jack reminds me that my head hurt worse when we didn't have any action on the place!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Yeah, someone has to keep up the standards...the porcelain American Standard. We wanna make sure the place is "showroom ready" for folks to look at!

Chase & Jack in the office, awaiting the "hoards" of weekend lookers...been quiet so far with temps in the low 30's and lots of fog...
Lots of quality time for being in Dad's lap while he cleans out files.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today is the MLS tour..."swarms" of real estate agents looking at the place and hopefully thinking of buyers for it! We hope it's not like having a party where nobody shows up!
All the Christmas stuff is put away and we've transitioned our decor to theoretical Spring here at the staged home. We have to keep it looking like nobody actually lives here, which is a challenge considering that the dog & cat still poop and we still generate dirty dishes and underwear. Oh gosh, we're hoping for a quick sale!

So the electric meter is spinning (maybe smoking) as we have every light in the house turned on. It's below freezing outside and overcast, so we need all the light we can turn on.

Tonite we give a dance lesson in this room, so we'll have to "strike the set" and move out the table, chairs, rug and decorator items.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


No photos yet...we'll wait to see if we manage to get a bona fide accepted offer on the place we're looking at. It's blessed with an over sized 2-car garage (22' wide x 23' deep) a totally redone interior, open plan, real rock fireplace, beautiful kitchen & bathrooms. And all for the reasonable price of $169K! Who knew? Downside? Yeah, all electric with heat pump, flag lot (good for privacy but a long driveway, not paved...just graveled), up in the hills on the east side of Medford but no view. Perfect! We like the idea of privacy and no road noise. For those of you who want to check it out online, the address is 1476 Angelcrest Drive, Medford 97504. Been on the market for 165 days with NO offers so far, so they might actually accept our seriously demented contingency offer. We are trying to NOT get our hopes up, but it's no use, obviously.
So Happy New Year!!!
Gonna go write the offer up...meanwhile some lookers but no buyers on our place. We'll be on the MLS tour this Weds for real estate agents, so more of them will see the digs.