Monday, August 15, 2011


Our postbox here on Angel Crest looked as skaggy as the one next to it but a coat of spray paint and some one-shot paint numbers with a motif to match our street number sign sure spiffed it up!

Yeah, that IS a fish over there on the end. Oye! It's the country, ya know!


Jack figured it was time to give our Subaru Brat some much needed attention. In addition to a good wax job, he decided to paint the wheels.

He used a new Rustoleum 2X paint that really covers well. So "Mr. B" has spiffy new yellar wheels. Next is a racing stripe down the side!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Wait for it, wait for it! You're driving up Angel Crest and suddenly there it is...a magnificent custom street number sign!

It's made from all materials we had on hand...the metal for the sign, the paint, the pipe and the angle iron brackets. We did purchase some spray paint (new Rustoleum 2X super coverage paint). We're waiting for the City of Medford to knock on our door and ask if we're a B & B, in which case we'd need a business license!

We purposely put the "MANOR' part of the sign in a light color as it is our joke on ourselves. We have been calling this place "Angel Crest Manor" as tongue in cheek since it is a little rancher. "To the manor born" and all that.


We were without air conditioning for 5 days. The air conditioning part of the heat pump quit. We called on Monday and they got to us on Friday! For around $200 and a couple of parts...the capacitor and the points, we are in the cool again. Luckily the temps this summer have been moderate (in the low 90's) and all that new insulation in the attic has paid off. The house never got above 78 degrees. Turns out that when we replace the heat pump furnace portion this fall, they can convert this outside unit to work as an air conditioner with the new high efficiency gas forced air furnace. So our repairs will pay off.