Thursday, August 15, 2013


No, this is not an alien's our dining area light fixture hanging upside down on a hook outside. It's drying after having a coat of primer and 2 coats of Navajo White spray paint.

This is what it looked like before we painted it...a brown turd with lights attached! I hated it but could not fit a replacement into the budget these days, so what to do? I figured a coat of light color paint could at least camouflage its ugliness...what did I have to lose?

The much improved version. Thank goodness I have such a handy guy around to do my bidding. He not only painted it but used his handy air driven die grinder wheel to take off the stupid extra filigree. So now this light is painted the same color as a 1950's VW instrument panel that he restored for a customer in Texas! Didn't even have to buy any paint for this project. I'm tickled with the results!

Thursday, August 8, 2013


 Okay, it's a small thing, I know but I've been sitting and looking at our fireplace for over 2 years and thinking, "This would look better if..." The top wall above the mantle was just painted the peachy wall color so the stone and mantle
portion looked incomplete.
So I got a quart of Miller paint in a colour called "Bailey's" and painted the upper section to match the overall stone color.
Now your eye is drawn up and the whole thing looks more balanced in my opinion. Did I mention that I love to paint? It's the quickest way to add interest and drama to a space.