Friday, December 26, 2014


 I never really appreciated geraniums when I was growing up in California. We had hedgerows of 'em everywhere so I took them for granted, I guess. 
Then I moved to Oregon...
Gardeners here prize their summer blooms, take cuttings in the fall and put them on the kitchen windowsill to await late spring when they can go outside once again. I'm lucky enough to have a small greenhouse and I keep a couple of plants to winter over. Turns out they really like the mild climate in the greenhouse when the nights stay at about 50 degrees (thanks to a heater) and the days may get as warm as 70 inside thanks to solar gain. A perfect climate for them! I do prune them back due to lack of space but now they are blooming away providing a focal point surrounded by succulents. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014


 The citrus timetable always seems out of whack since these Meyer lemons are ripening just when the cold weather comes. Of course that's because citrus in northern climes are bound to be indoor plants during the winter months. Meyer lemons can stand some cold (they say down to the mid 20's) but it's the fruit that needs protection. So we haul "Melba Meyer" into the dining area so she'll get some sun through the big windows while avoiding low night temps.  
Melba has grown too big for my little greenhouse, now filled with succulents and geraniums. I move her outside on the deck on warmer, sunny days and give it some water. The upside is that before long we'll be having the new blossoms for the next crop and the house will smell really good.  

Monday, December 15, 2014


 Nothing like a new hair style to pep one up, I always say...
I finally got Chase's groomer to step up to the shorter, more "Jack Russell" type haircut. She didn't want to do it as she favors the "Westie" look on him but we wanted a shorter, less fuzzy style.   
And who knew Chase had such large ears? Shorter means less frequent trips to the groomer and easier dog maintenance! Still cute!  

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Our "snowshoe" cat Izzy is doing way better thanks to meds and a pre-digested protein diet. We're relieved that she responded to the wonder drugs and the "prescription" diet. No more massive cat hair on us or the couch or bed. Lots better at both ends of the feline also. Our new vet, Dr. Glen Winters at Phoenix Animal Hospital has it figured! We're so glad we changed one who listened to us instead of one who ran his mouth too much and left us thinking..."whaaaa?" Izzy says a big "MEOW" to that!

Monday, December 1, 2014


 This is our pooch Chase who we adopted in 2010 from the Southern Oregon Humane Society's "Saving Train." Our local Humane Society has been taking pets that were due to be euthanized from other shelters all over the west, especially those in Southern California (Fresno, Tulare, Bakersfield). As of this year, our shelter has adopted out over 5000 dogs and cats from this effort into our community. That's a lot of saved pets, happy families and a lot of money spent on gas and aviation fuel (yes, some pilots have donated their time to fly in dogs from many western states to keep their trip short).  
 Here is Chase "behind bars" at the shelter when we first saw him. I took one look at those pleading eyes and said, "That's the dog!" (Jack reminds me of this frequently). So $250 and the boy dog fix later, we brought him home.
Chase and Izzy getting acquainted.

Chase doing his imitation of "The Little Match Girl" after his bath. 
Life with our "terror terrier" hasn't been easy at times...he has lots of phobias going back to his puppyhood and abandonment, but I've finally managed to get him to go for walks. He still cringes at loud noises and sometimes hunches down when cars go by but he is getting better about it and lobbies for a daily walk now. We're trying to take him in the car for rides...(not just when we're taking him to the groomer or vet). He still shakes for a while but then lays down in my lap. Maybe someday I'll get him to stick his nose out the car window...As Jack reminds me, it's "one step at a time!"