Sunday, November 18, 2012


 Our first trip out of town since April 2010! We chose Chico of course for a quick weekend visit with the chillens! Our first stop was in Corning at the Mecca of olive oilness...Lucero where we posed as "extra virgins!" 
 The Lucero Co has a very nice tasting room with a mind boggling display of oils.
 Quality time with the "chillens" included seeing Chris' bike collection including this little beauty which he rides down to the grocery store. Mr. A helped Chris with some bike restoration while we girls went shopping in vibrant downtown Chico which is so much more alive than the downtown of Medford! We recharged with some coffee at Peets after a visit to Christian & Johnson florists which had all their Christmas decor on display. Too hard to resist! 
And we had a nice visit to Wine Time for tapas and wine/beer treat courtesy of Chris & Susan for our anniversary. Then it was on to the California Lake Pavilion for a senior dance event hosted by Chico Area Recreation. 

Friday, November 2, 2012


 I grabbed up a 5lb bag of Mayan sweet onions at Grocery Outlet the other day. Turns out they were grown in Peru (yeah Peru Peru not Peru Indiana). Onions do love a porous soil like the volcanic soil in Washington state courtesy of Mt. Ranier and Peru at the base of the Andes! So I sliced 'em up and slow cooked them in a bit 'o butter and some olive oil.
Carmelized onions should have a nice, well, caramel color. Now I just add chicken broth, white wine and some garlic and you have a great onion soup for a chilly fall day. Yummmmmm!