Friday, February 16, 2018


 Our plastic storage building, called by us "Building X" is a big, rather ugly and shiny thing in the garden setting. It does hold a lot of stuff...both Jack's extra shop things and my garden overflow...but it's unattractive just the same. So I thought a lattice panel attached to the 6' planter would sort of hide it. 
 I had some 2"x2" wooden posts that I had attached bamboo stakes to for a makeshift trellis, so here's me thinking that we'd just take down the bamboo and tack up a lattice panel.
However, my under-gardener/engineer had other ideas! He explained that the lattice panel was much heavier than the old bamboo and twine trellis, so much more support would be needed. And we couldn't attach it to the plastic building. So off we went to the local hardware store for some aluminum and bolts. $120 later, we brought home not only the metal and bolts but some spray paint for the frame. See my smiling engineer, happy with his clever design, all assembled in the heated garage.
We waited a day until the sun came out and painted the lattice with Miller Storm...the color is "Boxwood." Then Jack bolted the 1.5 panels to the metal frame. It's held in place on the planter with long screws and angled metal supports (of course). 
I'm thinking some clematis will look nice growing up this trellis with some lettuce and snow peas in front. 
Stay tuned for the BIG EVENT scheduled for early next week...removal of a 50' Sunset Maple from the middle of the back the tune of $2000! It has to be done by hand as no trucks can get near it. It will take all day and make a mess but it's better than having it crash into the living room during a storm! 

Friday, January 26, 2018


"A sure sign that spring will come early!" she said hopefully...
I picked the first pussy willows down by the creek on Wolf Run today while walking/running Chase. He hadn't been out for a walk in a couple of days and boy did we go! But he did let me slow down long enough on the way back to snap off these beauties. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017


 A new light fixture by the front door really adds some class to our little rancher in the foothills. This seudo carriage light replaces quite possibly one of the ugliest things ever installed for outdoor lighting. 
We found this one at Lowe's and it came in three sizes. We picked the middle size which is about 18" tall. The antiqued bronze finish and amber glass add a certain...a certain...wait for it... je ne sais quoi. Had to look it up on my phone for the correct spelling! So Joyeux Noel while I'm in a French mode!

Thursday, November 30, 2017


 This is our driveway...about 120' of rutted gravel and weeds on the side. For six long years we've had to mow it (it goes uphill to the street). Not a fun job! So when a Bobcat showed up across the driveway at the derelict house... (the owner of the house is having all the broken concrete removed and a whole new driveway pad, walkway and back patio poured so he can sell the house)...we jumped at the chance to employ Bob and his Bobcat to fix our mess.   
 First we had to have gravel delivered quickly. I called and they were here within an hour with 10 yards of 3/4 minus! The driver was able to dump/spread it up the driveway within about 3' of the fence.
 Then Bob went to work. Talk about "poetry in motion" as Howard Cosell used to say...
 Within 15 minutes he had it moved over to the fence and smoothed out. He even graded the driveway!
So here it is all done. NO MORE MOWING! LOVING IT! We gave Bob $75 for his work.   

Thursday, November 16, 2017


 Whilst out in the very dampish garden, intent on tying up rogue ivy and clematis, I spied some welcome surprises...a white clematis bloom, some miniature pink roses ignoring the cold and some big double delight tea roses slightly water logged but still willing to keep their blooms upright and fragrant. I just added some Westerlund rose hips  to fill out the bouquet. Heavy rain predicted this afternoon so I'm glad I found these to bring in and enjoy indoors. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


In late October I met up with my younger brothers and my cousin Jackie to bury my mom's ashes in the Union cemetery in Mound, Minnesota, on the banks of Lake Minnetonka. My youngest brother Dean (with the beard) arranged the whole thing and I'm most thankful to him for doing it. And the unexpected plus was reuniting with my cousin after 60 years! And I managed to put my best foot forward and get along with my other brother Steve for two days. This was no simple task as he and his kids were able to live well on my mother's money for several years. At least now the "gravy train" for him is over and the remaining funds were split up evenly among the three of us (even though he got more than his share ahead of time!) Ain't families great!!! That's as nice as I can be about the situation.

Monday, November 13, 2017


 I got a new fall oak leaf swag from Crate & Barrel this year, combined it with my ceramic pumpkins,  ivy and miniature lights for a pleasing fall look. We've had a particularly colourful fall this year for some reason and so are enjoying it even if we've had to bag up thousands of leaves from our maple trees.