Monday, March 27, 2017


Okay, so I made a quick stop at Tuesday Morning...right next to TJMaxx. I was looking for more bunnies and found a couple. But on my way to the check stand I passed "temptation alley" and saw these metal beauties.
 I made a quick U-turn and replaced the bunnies on their shelves. I opted for these lovelies...even if they were made in You-Know-Where. They just looked so natural. And it saved me from succumbing to ah...the pink bird thingies for some added height and interest. 
This one just had to be by the birdbath and I placed the other one among some osmanthus bushes. I wonder if it will scare away the little birds? 

Saturday, March 18, 2017


 My  undergardener and I went to an "industrial" antique store. I was looking for unusual stuff that I could repurpose in the garden. I found lots of items that I loved so it was hard to focus on just one or two due to budget constraints. I settled on this grain mill (it works) even though I wasn't thinking about another antique for the house just then. But it was too good to pass up and too good to put outside. 
Originally I thought I'd put a plant on it, but ended up for now using it as a candleholder on the hearth.  It is sitting on a rubberized pad because my trusty undergardener thought he should "oil" it thinking that I was going to put it outside. So he used some old stinky motor oil. When he learned of my intentions to use it INSIDE, he had to douche it out with simple green. Oye!
That's my mom's old oak sideboard in the background...the only piece of the furniture that I was able to get...but the best one in my view. The rest of the set (table and chairs) was handed over to a nephew without a bye or leave from me.
So I'll have to go back to "Coop de Ville" soon and get some actual garden stuff...metal sculpture, old iron hooks and galvanized watering cans, maybe an old bench...stay tuned!

Monday, March 13, 2017


 Early spring is gravel time here at Angelcrest Manor. With this year's rains, I was sure wishing that I had done this last year when we were both a year younger! The weather guessers predicted a few days of no rain and temps above 50, so I took the leap of faith and ordered it. 
My trusty undergardener is hard at work with the flatpoint shovel and wheelbarrow. I keep saying, "Repeat after will be so nice when it's done!"
This time we got 6 yds of a crushed pea gravel for the entire backyard garden area. It seems that I got lucky as I was wishing for a brown gravel instead of the usual grey stuff. Turns out this gravel is light tan...a nicer look for sure!
As it dries, it gets even lighter so it will reflect more light. 
So after 3 days of hauling this stuff, we've taken a day off and are trying to recuperate. I keep saying, "The worst is over." Looks like we still have a couple of yards left for the side yard and bird feeder area. "Oh goodie," says Jack. Oye! Well, it's good to be outside and think about other stuff again!