Monday, August 25, 2014


 The patio invites us out for morning coffee, luncheon, wine time, dinner or just to relax when the weather isn't too hot. 
 The porcelain vine has finally made it to the top of the enclosure. 
 Pole beans have covered the support and we're enjoying the "fruits" of our labors.
 Morning glories are taking over the north garden fence and have completely hidden the trellis. 
 "Sally Holmes" rose is doing her best to convince me that I did the right thing by ordering her from Jackson Perkins and having her shipped all the way from South-by-God Carolina this spring. 
And here we have "easy money" Izzy lounging on the patio glider. One of many good spots for a cat! Ah, the lazy daze of summer! 

Sunday, August 3, 2014


 August means the tomato glut has started. My under gardener picked all these today. The long, pointy ones are Jersey Devils and the fluted ones are Grandma's Pick. I picked the Jersey Devil as my go to paste tomato for sauce and for drying. Again, not as sweet as a San Marzano but much bigger and no blossom end rot. The fluted, "cat faced" Grandma's Pick...don't know what grandma was thinking...are a good all purpose red heirloom tomato. My third tomato (Pineapple) has not bloomed. I think being planted in the middle, it suffers from "middle child syndrome." It's not getting enough attention from the sun thanks to the overachievers on either side.  
Today the sky is yellow and the sun is a cherry red thanks to all the lightening fires burning in southern Oregon and northern California. Looks like we're in for more storms this week.