Monday, April 10, 2017


 Gosh, I love 2"x12" cedar planks! They make the best "mini decks for pots. I like to group my pots because it makes it easier to water when it heats up here in the Rogue Valley. Plus, I don't have to level each pot individually...I just level the deck and add a variety of pots. The perennials make up the most of what you see since it's too early for annuals. I'll add a Chamaecyparis obtusa Filicoides (Fernspray False Cypress) a nice pyramidal evergreen to the big pot next to the house. Hopefully I can find one at the nursery this spring. (I've always been glad I took Latin in high school!)  
Evidently no garden is complete without a gnome...and I finally found one that isn't so cute or painted hideous colors. 

Sunday, April 2, 2017


 We're reeling here in the Rogue Valley from more than one...more than two...up to five days of NO RAIN WHATSOEVER! Somebody up there finally turned off the spigot! So the "smart" tulips waited until now to bloom.  
These are my "pink and green" tulips...according to the label on the bag when I bought them...looking very orange and yellow to me! Oh well, they do spice up the early spring garden which is mainly white and shades of green at this point.