Monday, March 8, 2010


Before and after staging just some of the boxes we've we are falling over them until we pack the Honda Fit for the trip to Medford. I'm hoping to put all the clothes into the Miata, but the bulky stuff will go in "Mr. Fit" as Jack calls him. The weather looks iffy for Weds (snow predicted in Medford! is March after all...the month of very unsettled weather in the Rogue Valley), so we'll probably wait until Thursday to load and go. I'm not much for driving in bad weather with the Miata, as it is low and the truck wash really gets it so you can't see a thing as you pass them! So I'm hoping for some drying on Thursday.

Friday, March 5, 2010

DWTS****: Dancing with the spouse.
Here we are in our dining room which doubles as a practice area. (Note those mirrors!)Those of you who dance know how nice it is to have a space like this.
But things have changed allot since this photo was taken a few years ago. Some good, some...not so much...but that's how the last couple of years have gone. The constants are a great relationship with my husband/business partner/dance partner Jack and our love of ballroom dance.


Chris & Susan were over tonite for anniversary cake and ice cream. We also had a bottle of Schramsberg champagne that our neighbor Dale had given to us. Fantastic stuff. Susan is looking great after her tummy-tuck surgery. Forgot to take a photo of them! Gotta get better at that. They helped us with setting up a new blog called "Saab Journal."

The condo is strewn with packed boxes. I managed to clean out most of the kitchen and bathroom, plus I've packed up all our extra clothes in big Ziploc zippered cubes. I'll fill up the Miata trunk for the drive up to Medford next week. 35 days and counting until we pull the plug on our stay in Chico and move back to the Rogue Valley. While we're looking forward to being home again, it's gonna be a klusterfuk (a German word for chaos) with all Mark's stuff. I hope I don't lose it, but I probably will at some point...being a very anal "A" type trying to herd a "B" type (Mark) to just get it done!!! Not gonna be any fun for a while.

I will enjoy getting my yard back in shape and planting the veggie garden. I already have peas planted. When stuff goes to shit, you'll find me in the zen space in the midst of chaos.

Our trip up next week is as much to prod on Mark to find a place to rent as it is to haul stuff up. We'll have to start packing him up. As much as I would like to do other stuff, like clean and reorganize the kitchen, most likely I'll be cooking meals (the crock pot is my friend!) as the guys look for at houses for rent. Mark likes to go look at places and then wait until the next day to call the rental agent...and he wonders why he is 3rd in line or the place is already rented! I told Jack he'll have to pack a lunch and just take Mark out all day looking and calling on rentals. Mark may also have to increase the amount he is willing to pay...the cheap places go fast. So we must also make sure he can rent a storage space if all else fails.

Jack says there was a slight edge of panic in Mark's voice this morning...probably about our coming up! It's amazing how much stuff we can get in the Honda FIT, as well as in the Miata! And it all has to go IN the house! GOOD TIMES AHEAD!