Thursday, October 13, 2016


Every year about this time we head for Taylor Sausage in Cave Junction, Oregon...a quaint and wacky town about a 70 miles southwest of Medford. I say wacky because some folk like to walk around town with a firearm strapped to their hip. So when we go to Taylor Sausage, we don't linger. In about 15 minutes we had our liverwurst, potato sausage and ham packed in the truck and were headed out of town. 
It would seem that the "sausage police" have caught up with Taylor and now they can't call liverwurst "liverwurst." It's now "Pork Sausage Roll Flavored with Liver!" WHATEVER! All we know is that it's great for sandwiches and also a real treat fried for breakfast with hash browns and eggs. Think of it as German Spam. It's not that mushy stuff they sell in the supermarket!  
So we are willing to spend the time, gas and effort ("fending off the Philistines," as Jack calls it) to get there and get this seasonal treat. All I can say is, "YUMMM!"