Friday, November 18, 2016


I'm flying down to the SF Bay Area to help my brother Dean clean out a gynormous storage locker that we've been paying $400 a month on. It's all of my mom's stuff that she just couldn't part with during her 4 moves in the last couple of years. So being the "thrower outer" that I am, I expect to make quick work of it...over a 2 day period. More on that at a later date. 
Meanwhile, I haven't flown since 2009 when we went to North Carolina. Seems rules have changed so I was looking for lightweight stuff to pack in my new, regulation carry-on suitcase. Easy footwear like these "Bob's" from Skechers are comfy and will pack well. 

 For my "purse" allowable carry-on I've chosen a great bag made from a rubberized vinyl that will take the abuse of being shoved under the seat while still holding lots of stuff. The straps are woven and round so no matter how much you put in it, they won't dig into your shoulders. The bag comes in about 20 colors and there is no brand name in it. I got it at a specialty shop in Jacksonville Oregon called "The Cotton Broker." And it was reasonably priced at $39. 
You can judge it's size laying next to Izzy. I could fit two of her in it! Here the cat's out of the bag!!!