Monday, January 23, 2017


A nice place to be on a cold winter day is my heated greenhouse. The geraniums like it, too!
But what's on my mind today is plumbing...precisely fixing the main bathroom shower. Right now it's a tub/shower combo, which means you have to pull a lever on the tub spout to divert the water to the shower head. A pain normally and really stupid when all you want is a shower! And the diverter doesn't work properly so water still comes out the spout and just dribbles out the shower head. Time for a plumber. 
Never mind that there are tons of plumbers listed in the DEX and online...just try getting one to call back! Well, one did...not one that I called! I'm thinking that many plumbing companies just want to do commercial and construction jobs and not piss-ant residential jobs, so they refer. He'll be out Thursday to give us an estimate. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I treated myself to a cell phone before my trip down to the Bay Area. I hadn't had one for several years and I knew it would be a steep learning curve. But how hard could it be? They're intuitive, right? So I learned how to send a text and attach a photo. I learned how to place a call. I learned how to take photos and send them. I learned how to access my email. My teachers included a nice man at the airport whilst we waited 5 hours to leave on a flight, my brother Dean, and my son Chris.
But what I didn't know how to do, it seemed, was answer the phone. I figured I just had to press the green circle with the phone receiver in it. Simple, right?
But everytime that I got a call, I would do that and I couldn't get the phone to stop ringing. It would always go to voice mail. Then I'd hear the message and either phone or text back. I thought that there must be something wrong with the stupid phone.
But I looked up the phone user manual and finally on page 48 of 145,  titled "Receiving calls" I read the instruction: "When a call comes in, drag (the green circle with the phone handset icon) outside the large circle to answer the call." Okay, I asked, What large circle?" So I had to call myself from my land line. Seems that when the cell phone rings a funny large freaking green outline of a circle appears when you tap the green circle. It is about half the size of the screen, so you really have to drag the green circle far enough to get outside the flashing circle. Yeah, so intuitive if you were born a lot closer to the 21st Century than me! Oye!
Evidently I have a lot more capability on this phone than I'll ever use unless I plan to send a rocket to Mars...
Good times!