Saturday, August 22, 2015


 Our local WBU (Wild Birds Unlimited) closed its doors last year unbenownst to moi. So I showed up where the store used to be and found yet another Human Bean drive through coffee stand! "Oh no, I said, "and here I was all ready to get a bird feeder!"
But not to worry, as I discovered they were about to reopen next to the Safeway store. So the day came and I plunged ahead with my big plan to have a bird feeder once again. We've installed the Bird Brain Hilton, an all plastic job made from recycled milk jugs, etc and my under gardener had to add a big ass metal stake to stabilize the pole.  
I should point out that the sort of pinkish light you see on the fence is also the color of the sky as we're having our daily "smoke event" from the forest fires all around us.  
This feeder has 2 suet holders on either side and is a hopper style. They have made some improvements over the 20 years since I bought my first feeder. It also has doubled in price! But, oh well, nothing is too good for our birds! I even splurged on deluxe, hulless bird seed. I figure it's cheaper than a vet bill...a certain terrier would probably eat the hulls and get bound up, so I'm thinking that we'll avoid a dog enema (euwww!) Now all I need is a sign that lights up and says in bird "OPEN!" The feeder is about 10' from our kitchen window so I'm hoping for lots of entertainment. Day 2 of the bird watch and none have appeared.    

Thursday, August 20, 2015


These beauties are Felicity jalapenos, fresh off the bush. Ripe, mild jalapenos give you all the flavor of a jalapeno but without the intense heat. In fact the Felicity is quite mild enough for our norteamericano palate. Today I'll make a nice tomato, cucumber, onion and pepper salsa with a little garlic, chives, parsley and basil thrown in. A real treat!  

Friday, August 7, 2015


Actually, no! These are the tomato heirloom variety "Persimmon." They are low acid variety that I favor since I tend to get the hives from eating too many red tomatoes. They are a fairly prolific and very meaty variety. You can find the seed and plants online at Territorial Seed. Thinking about a tomato sandwich for lunch....

Thursday, August 6, 2015


 Pleez mom, pleez mom! Let's go for a walk! This is a photo of a dog who wants to go OUT! But it's very smoky here due to a big fire about 75 miles north of us. The valley fills up with smoke most days, so it's not good for man, woman or beastie. 
The cat has to stay inside with her dad and keep him occupied at the computer instead of buggering the birds outside. It's tough on all of us! 
No word yet on fire containment...only 15% or so at last newscast. Luckily the area is mostly forest land and not too many homes are threatened at this time. Oh for some rain without lightning!